Research Interests

My main research interests include

Galaxy halo-gas connection

Gas flows in galaxies ( Galactic Outflows/Inflows)

Intergalactic medium

Photometric redshift

Currently my primary research focus is understanding evolution of galaxies by studying the extended gaseous halos around them. These, otherwise invisible gaseous halos can only be traced using absorption lines systems observed in the spectrum of background quasars or galaxies. A brief summary of my research activities can be found below.

The Circumgalactic Medium

I am interested in the most extended, gaseous halos around galaxies, which act as reservoirs of gas regulating the formation and evolution of galaxies.

The Fermi Bubbles

The Fermi Bubbles are giant lobes of plasma extending above and below the Galactic Center. I study the kinematics of this gas.

Galactic Outflows

Galactic outflows chemically enrich the gaseous halos of galaxies and regulate the star-formation in galaxies.

Photometric Redshifts

Photometric redshifts are crude distance estimators to distant galaxies. In absence of spectroscopic information, photometric redshifts provide vital distance information for cosmological studies.