Rongmon Bordoloi 
​Assistant Professor 

I am an observational astrophysicist studying galaxy evolution. I am particularly interested in understanding how galaxies form and evolve, by studying the cycling of baryons into and out of galaxies. I routinely use multi-wavelength spectroscopy and imaging (both from the ground and space) to study the galaxy baryon cycle. The baryon cycle is vital in regulating star-formation in galaxies and dictate the evolution of a galaxy. These diffuse reservoirs of gas outside galaxies contain most of the missing baryons in the Universe. I work closely with theorists who use numerical simulations to study galaxy formation. This close interaction with theorists help in interpreting our own observational results and in constraining different theories of galaxy evolution. I am also interested in topics related to the formation of the first galaxies, observational cosmology, and the Fermi Bubbles.

Graduate Students

Ahmed Shaban (2019) 

Ahmed is investigating the impact of galactic outflows on galaxy evolution. He is currently focused on using integral field spectrograps (e.g. MUSE, KCWI) to study spatially resolved outflow from strongly gravitationally lensed galaxies. These unique objects allow one to study the local properties of galactic winds and to trace them back to their original driving sources.

Bin Liu (2019) 

Bin is investigating new machine learning and statistical methods to identify and quantify continuum in quasar spectra using observations from the Hubble Space Telescope. These measurements are cruicial to construct the quasar continuum blueward of Ly-a at high redshift, which inturn will allow us to constrain the properties of the intergalactic medium during the epoch of cosmic reionization.

Undergraduate Students

Sean Clark (2019) 

Sean is investigating the content and nature of Milky Way's circumgalactic medium by using Ultraviolet observations from the Hubble Space Telescope. He is using sophisticated statistical methods to quantify the hidden reservoir of gas around our Milky Way galaxy.

Raj Bhanushali (2019) 

Raj is studying the circumgalactic medium around moderate redshift galaxies by using Ultraviolet observations from the Hubble Space Telescope.